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Värnamo for you

You enjoy life at ease. Nature and city within your reach.

The area of 1 380 km² and a population of 34 000 speaks for itself. Here you have opportunities to enjoy nature with forests, mountains and lakes. You can even live right in it. Still, urban life is never really far away.

Explore the possibilities of having nature so close.

The choice is yours

Go fishing, skiing, hiking, golf, collect mushrooms and berries, camp.

The list never ends! Less stress with life in Värnamo municipality has:

  • No traffic jams.
  • No queueing.
  • We even don't have traffic lights.

You, your family, and your spare time

The municipality has very good educational system, and no queues. Kindergarten service for children as young as one year of age. Above average results for children in our schools is something we are proud of.

Värnamo municipality has an association for everything, it seems. You name it: any sports, hobbies or religious community. There is more to do than what meets the eye. There are almost daily cultural activities in our libraries, museums and stages.

The choice is yours. Whether you feel like being active or if you enjoy the peacefulness of Swedish nature, Värnamo municipality can offer you true quality of life!

You at work

Our area is in special demand for people with certain skills:

  • Technicians and engineers.
  • Teachers.
  • Medical area (nurses, doctors for example).
  • IT-specialists.
  • Construction workers and specialists.

If you fulfil any of these requirements, you certainly have a head start on the Swedish labor market. We also offer coaching for entrepreneurs who want to become self-employed.

Broschyr Jobs and opportunities.PDF

You get advice from us

Your own contact person will help you find the way. We won’t do the job for you, but we will provide you with guidance and how to:

  • Connect you with the right person at the right authority.
  • Give tips on how to find work and housing.
  • General advice about Swedish life and living.

Värnamo municipality also offers coaching for citizens who want to start their own business. We offer introduction service to help families become introduced to the community. 

Welcome to Värnamo – the capital of The Gnosjö Region

Our vision:
Värnamo – the human municipality of growth – 40 000 inhibitants by 2035.

Värnamo municipality has an area of 1380 km2. The population is
34 000, and Värnamo city has 18 000 people. The majority of companies are in the manufacturing sector. We enjoy high public service level and low tax rate.

Värnamo municipality cooperates with the neighbouring Gislaved municipality and Living Gislaved in some activities. One example is the Immigration fair held each year in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Ditt Värnamo = Your Värnamo welcomes you

Ditt Värnamo is there to be your personal contact before and after you’ve decided to move here. We strive to make you feel at home once you arrive and beyond.

Our services include:

  • Your own contact person
  • Introductory meetings where you get to meet other people that are new in Värnamo
  • Municipality tour – twice a year we arrange a bus tour to show newcomers the municipalty
  • Tandem recruiting – does your spouse also need a job – we will do our best to help
  • Follow us on Facebook to get the latest news and get in touch.

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